A Guided Tour of the Universal lot with Steven Spielberg

It’s always been a dream of mine to sit next to Steven Spielberg and just hear about the history of films and his career. Listening to everything he has been apart of. He is the greatest director of our time and has been apart of so much of life. Recently Entertainment Weekly sent Anthony Breznican down to the Universal Backlot to go on one of the most exciting backlot tours with the director himself Steven Spielberg. spielberg3333This video is just so interesting that it’s damn shame it didn’t go for 2 hours longer. Spielberg seems very humbled by his fame, and it was very cool to see him have his own geek out over his connection with Jimmy Stewart.  The world needs more of these sorts of videos!

Steven Spielberg is currently filming Ready Player One which is set to release next year and from some of the set pics that have been released it looks very fun! He is already announced to direct Indiana Jones 5 which will hopefully be something a little closer to the original set of films.

Well enough of my geeking out! Check out the video yourself and let us know in the comments below what you think! best-steven-spielberg-movies-top-10