Indy Gets Animated in a New Awesome Short Movie

While we sit around patiently awaiting the 5th Indiana Jones movie, Dutch artist and animator Patrick Schoenmaker has been a bit more proactive.  He’s created his own animated short ‘The Adventurs of Indiana Jones’ which will hopefully double up as the opening title sequence, check it out in the link above. We spoke to Patrick about what’s next for his Indy project:

“I’d love to make more, but without any official support I’m afraid it’s
just not a possibility. At the pace I made this short, an entire episode would
take forever and I don’t think fans will be prepared to wait 20 years for the
next animated adventure of Doctor Jones.”

Considering this project was 5 years in the making I understand his concerns.  He was originally commissioned to create the following series of Topps trading cards around the launch of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:


He then created the illustrations below:

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Since then he’s been teasing us with stills and video.  Patrick’s style reminds me of one of my favourite animators Don Bluth. Especially Bluth’s computer games ‘Space Ace’ and ‘Dragon’s Lair’ which still has it’s own animated series in development.
Here’s a quote from Schoenmaker’s Blog:

“Indiana Jones must have been my first true movie hero ever since I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on a VCR way back when. Yes, some other heroes came and went, but Indy always held a special place. After Crystal Skull was released, my love for the character was once again fully ignited and with no new movies on the horizon back then, I decided to set up an Indiana Jones project of my own to keep the fire burning a little bit longer. So, that was back in 2011 and “a little bit longer” turned into 5 years of hard work.”

With fans leading the way in creating new content such as Paul Johnson’s Tie Fighter short film, I’m hoping George Lucas will see the demand for extending the Dr Jones Universe.  Lucas has a nack for exploiting [cough] er… I mean exploring the potential of his properties so I’m surprised he hasn’t done this one already.

You can see more of his work here and make sure you check out his blog here.  P.S. You need his Star Wars art in your life! So while some us wait for Schoenmaker’s latest with more anticipation than Lucas’, enjoy some more Indy art:7b  614 13 12109 11

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