At the 20th Century Fox panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015 Hugh Jackman took the stage along side his X-Men Apocalypse cast and talked about what would be his last hurrah as the character of Wolverine.


Earlier in the month Hugh Jackman told the world that Wolverine 3 would be his last turn at playing the Adamantium Mutant. Rumours of what the story could be started to circle and now today at Comic Con Jackman confirms those rumours by saying

“I’ve got three words for you guys: Old Man Logan”

This is pretty big news, given the fact that Old Man Logan was an apocalyptic style story where most of the Mutant population had been wiped out. Does that tell us the ending to X-Men Apocolypse? No way! Old Man Logan is set in the distant future it’s very unlikely that the stories will be connected. I don’t want to spoil the story but its incredible, if you have the means I highly recommend checking out the mini series. One of the best Wolverine story lines around and by all means the perfect way for Hugh Jackman to leave the Franchise.

WOLVERINE 3 opens March 2, 2017 in Australia