Remember when toy stores looked like this?

You may have been treasuring your old Star Wars Toys for decades, hoping for a massive pay day but just how much are they really worth?  If you’re like me, then you have a collection that has seen one too many battles in the playground, back garden or bathtub and would definitely fall into the ‘pre-loved’ category on ebay… and here’s mine (what’s left of them):


Here’s Saturday Night Live’s take on collectors:

For a trip down memory lane watch a 15 minute compilation of the original adverts, back when they loved to tell you what wasn’t included and sold separately. Featuring lines like “I’m a Jawa, wanna buy a Droid?”.

We’d love to see what state your wookie’s in or if you were lucky enough to have the original Han Solo Storm Trooper toy (I always wanted that one).

Are you buying up any Force Awakens merch and freezing it in carbonite?  Well some clever people at  Save My Bacon Insurance came up with the idea of finding out what vintage Star Wars toys are worth.  Although I’m not sure if the infograph below has a ‘Lightly chewed by neighbour’s dog’ category. According to thier list, this little beauty would have been worth $7,000 (dam you Younger Me!).


See if you have any treasures in the attic, who knew a Jawa was worth so much:

how much could your old Star Wars Toys Be Worth?

If you’re still reading this, you may be a big enough fan to answer the quiz, I sucked at it.  Star Wars Toy Quiz.  #12DaysOfStarWars