How Daniel Craig’s Leather Gloves Cost ‘Skyfall’ Producers Millions

While it’s been Daniel Craig’s open dislike of James Bond that has made news recently, it would seem that the producers of the franchise that made Craig a household name might have big reason to dislike him too. It’s nothing to do with him being outspoken about his character’s womanising either!

If this story from film maker and critic Charlie Lyne is true, a last minute addition to Bond’s wardrobe by Craig in Skyfall could have ended up costing the studio millions. The worst part is, a tired Sam Mendes actually allowed the blunder to happen!

When Craig had the idea for Bond to wear a pair of very manly leather gloves in the Macau Casino scene, Mendes agreed to let him do the scene wearing them. But what could be so bad about that? Charlie Lyne has the story below:

Anyone else really want to see the original?