Heya Puddin! Harley Quinn Poised For Spin-Off Movie

Warner Bros. must be pretty bullish about the breakout potential of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, because The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Margot Robbie’s turn as the feisty villain could set the stage for a spin-off movie featuring the Joker’s main squeeze.

Based on a pitch by Robbie herself, who would also produce, the proposed spin-off would not actually be a solo movie but a DC girl-power bonanza, also featuring characters like Batgirl and Birds Of Prey. An unnamed female writer is already on board, and has worked with Robbie to develop the movie based on the actress’ research she did for Suicide Squadharley_quinn-suicide_squad-movie-margot_robbie-girl-1920x1080With Batman v. Superman not hitting the notes that it wanted, Warners is pegging it’s hopes on the ensemble of bad guys to turn public sentiment back around to the DC Extended Universe (or whatever they’re calling it). With Wonder Woman due next year, and Justice League, Aquaman and Flash around the corner, DC is madly looking for ways to extend Universe in new and different ways, and this isn’t a terrible way to go about it. It’s taken far too long to get a female-led superhero movie off the ground, so hopefully this is the start of a snowball effect in that regard too.I also think that another ensemble piece is the right call in this particular case; Harley Quinn is a great character, but I fear she’d get a bit old as a lead, she’s much better savoured in supporting roles. As for Robbie, everything that i’ve seen from Squad has me really excited to see it and she is definitely the standout. If you’ve seen The Wolf Of Wall Street, you know she can do sexy bad girl in her sleep, here she’s just dialling it up to 25. I’m in.

SUICIDE SQUAD crashes into theatres August 4, 2016.