Head To Mid-World In The First Trailer For ‘The Dark Tower’

Finally, after years and years of false starts, Stephen King’s magnum opus The Dark Tower hits theatres this August. Sony have dropped the first look at this epic adventure. Check out the trailer by hitting the play button above!

Directed by Nikolaj Arcel, The Dark Tower stars new comer Tom Taylor – a young adventure seeker who unravels clues about the existence of Mid-World, an alternate dimension and the beginning of the path to the titular Dark Tower. Idris Elba as the Roland Deschain aka the Gunslinger, a man on a quest to reach the tower.  Keeping our hero on his toes is Matthew McConaughey as the devilish Man in Black.

The film isn’t a straight forward adaption of the book series; it combines many elements from a number of different entries in the series – but apparently is also set after the events of the final film. The trailer looks pretty entertaining – I’m loving the look of Roland and his ammo belt. I’ll be interested to see how McConaughey does with this – as apparently he chose to be in this instead of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (as Ego.. I’m assuming). Keen eye’s will also spot a number of Stephen King references throughout the trailer (watch for the balloons…)

It’s been a long road for this film to hit theatres. Back in 2007, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof  endeavored to bring the franchise to the big screen, but a combination of their work on Lost and the overall ambitious nature of the project lead to their 3 year option on the property expiring. Next, Universal Studios, with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer prepared to bring the franchise to life via an interesting mix of a trilogy of films, along with two season of television bridging each film. The first film in their plan was to hit theatres in 2013. Due to budgetary concerns, Universal cancelled their plans, but Howard and Grazer shopped the project around to get outside financing, with the hop that a major studio would just distribute. At this point, the television component was to hit HBO. Eventually we end up where we do today, with Sony picking up the rights and putting us where we are today. A television series is still on the cards to some degree, but I’m guessing will be based on how successful this film is.

With such a long road behind it, it will be interesting to see how The Dark Tower holds up when it hits Australian theatres on the 17th August.