This Han Solo Fan Film will Bring Hope to the Star Wars Spin Off

I don’t know about you but recasting Han Solo sends shivers down my spine. How the heck can you replace Harrison Ford. Just like Indiana Jones, he has made that role what it is. With the new spin-off film Han Solo A Star Wars Story due out in 2018 the Ford replacement Alden Ehrenreich has a lot to live up to.

To set worries at ease filmmaker Keith Allen has created one of the best looking Star Wars fan films around, Han Solo A Smugglers Journey and it stars internet impressionist Jamie Costa and Doug Jones (Hellboy). While Costa’s acting chops might not be the greatest, he does embody Ford like no other

Here’s what the Costa had to say about the Fan Film.

“Star Wars fans and filmmakers joined together to celebrate the galaxy’s favorite Corellian smuggler! Han Solo sets out on a new adventure in this Star Wars fan film! *This is a non-profit unofficial fan-film that is not intended for commercial use. It was made solely for fun. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-film is not connected in any way to said companies. We hope you enjoy :)”

You can check out some of Jamie’s killer impressions here

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to start shooting February, so we can expect to see a few images of Alden Ehrenreich and the recently announced Donald Glover as Lando shortly. Here’s something we whipped up to hold you over