Guess Who’s Back, Back Again: James Cameron To Revive ‘The Terminator’

Uh, good news! If you haven’t had your fill yet with 2015’s Terminator Genisys, fear no more, the franchise will be getting another stab at the celluloid; in what iteration though remains to be seen. Whether it’s a continuation from the last installment or a fresh reboot, what we do know thanks to Deadline is James Cameron will be shepherding the project, and helmer of last year’s supremely kick ass Deadpool, Tim Miller, directing. Cameron, who hasn’t had any involvement in the franchise since the classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day, regains certain rights to the franchise in 2019, and this latest news shows he clearly has unfinished business with the cyberwar between Skynet and humans.

Though Cameron has had no direct involvement in the prior sequels, he did go as far as endorsing the critically and fan battered Terminator Genisys (see below), which lumbered to a US box office figure of $89,760,956China loved it, but the general consensus was maybe it was time to put this machine to bed.

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