So Good News: Stephen King’s IT, Alien & The Emoji Movie

The world of movie news moves at light-speed some days, so it’s hard to keep up with everything (even for those of us that run an entertainment website). So welcome to today’s news briefing here at So, Is It Any Good? where we round up the breaking stories you might have missed.

Stephen King’s IT gets a new trailer

Holy bejeezus my anticipation for this one is off the Richter scale. Following on from the record breaking teaser trailer that debuted last March, our latest look at Stephen King’s IT does a sound job of showcasing the movie’s lush photography and haunting us even further with disturbing fresh glimpses of the infamous killer clown, Pennywise. Check it out below:

Alien: Covenant gets a prequel, sorta

Despite the future of Alien hanging in the balance cinematically because of Alien: Covenant‘s sorta-ok box-office receipts, the literature side of the franchise remains strong and is getting an official continuation in the form of Alien: Covenant – OriginsAvP Galaxy scored an exclusive look at the cover for the book which you can check out below:


The Emoji Movie is a big pile of shit

In probably the only coverage you’ll ever see on this website, I am sad to report The Emoji Movie is not the classic for-all-generations we were expecting – it’s sitting on a beautiful 3% on Rotten Tomatoes and 9/100 on Metacritic. Yet the movie still managed to pull in nearly a million dollars on its opening night – angry face.


Anyone else get a Burn After Reading vibe with this one? It is written by the Coen brothers after all! I find so many things alluring about this trailer – George Clooney as director; Matt Damon as the main-player with a supporting cast of Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac. In a sea of comic-book movies at least  Suburbicon will be a little bit different with a flood of A-list talent; see what you think below:

And that’s it for this instalment of So Good News. What are your thoughts on these tidbits? Did you love the Emoji Movie? Are you a fan of the IT trailer or is it a betrayal of the original? Let us know in the comments and on our Facebook page. Make sure to stay tuned for more movie news, right here at So, Is It Any Good?