It’s hard to keep up with all the news coming out in the world of movies. That’s why we’ve got these handy little things called So Good News, to keep you caught up on the latest news coming out of Hollywood.

Annihilation is Coming

If you’re a fan of Alex GarlandEx_Machina, and Oscar Isaac – it is time to get excited. The first image for Annihilation, the newest film from Garland, has been released, featuring Natalie Portman and an alligator. The film follows a team of four (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Portman) as they venture into a natural disaster zone in search of a missing Oscar Isaac.

Annihilation is set to have a trailer drop tomorrow with the movie releasing in February 2018.Natalie-Portman-Annihilation-image

Lord And Miller Go Back To Space

After their incredibly public dismissal from the Han Solo Star Wars film, directing team Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have now signed on to direct Andy Weir‘s (The Martian) new novel adaptation Artemis. Set on the moon, Artemis is the first and only city there. A young woman finds that life on the moon isn’t all it is cracked up to be. The novel releases in November. It’ll be nice to see the pair get a crack at a science-fiction space movie, albeit one without the prestigious Star Wars name attached. maxresdefault

X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2 Parts?

Actress Olivia Munn who portrayed the mutant Psylocke in  X-Men: Apocalypse confirmed that she’d be back for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.  She also mentioned that it is likely to be two films. Producer Simon Kinberg will be taking over from Bryan Singer for Dark Phoenix. Hopefully he can inject some new life into the franchise. psylockebar640

Is IT Getting Banned in Russia?

No, probably not, but Burger King in Russia is trying to. The reason? Apparently Pennywise looks a little bit too much like Ronald McDonald. Burger King didn’t want audience goers subliminally being advertised to their competitors. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous, but still, it’s stories like these that make me feel and warm and fuzzy inside. IT-Pennywise-Red-Balloon

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