It’s hard to keep up with all the news coming out in the world of movies. That’s why we’ve got these handy little things called So Good News, to keep you caught up on the latest news coming out of Hollywood.

IT Kills It At the Box Office & Sequel Flashbacks

IT is smashing box office records for horror films. In its opening weekend, the Stephen King adaptation took in a crazy $123 million in the North American market. Combine that with the $66 million worldwide (a whopping $6 million from Aussie audiences) and you’re looking at a mammoth $189 million opening weekend. The previous record was held by Paranormal Activity 3 with a comparatively meager $52 million.

Director Andy Muschietti also said that he plans to include flashbacks to the 80s in the proposed sequel, meaning we haven’t seen the last of the child incarnations of the Losers Club.It Pennywise

Jenkins Back For Wonder Woman 2

Patty Jenkins is all but confirmed to be back to direct the sequel to the smash hit Wonder Woman. Reports suggest that Jenkins will be paid up to $8 million along with a percentage of the box office when the sequel hits in 2019. Warner Brothers have yet to confirm but it seems incredibly likely this will be the case. Patty-Jenkins-Directs-Gal-Gadot-in-Wonder-Woman

Daniel For Daimio

Last month actor Ed Skrein dropped out of the Hellboy reboot after cries of the character of Major Ben Daimio being whitewashed. Since Skrein dropped out – and earned the admiration of many for doing so – the role was vacant. Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim is rumoured to be in talks for the role of Daimio. This is certainly a step in the right direction towards diversity in film.DanielDaeKim

Rian Johnson Not Directing Episode IX

Last week it was announced that Colin Trevorrow would not be directing Star Wars Episode IX. Many, myself included, assumed that J.J. Abrams or Episode VIII director Rian Johnson would take over duties, but Johnson recently shot down the rumours. Star Wars Underworld spoke with him at a press event in Japan where he said;

“It was never really in the plans for me to direct Episode IX, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with it … whoever does it, I’m going to be really excited to be an audience member again and sit down and see what the next filmmaker has to show us and where this story ends up going.”


Blade Runner Hype

As Blade Runner 2049 gets closer and closer, my excitement grows each and every day. Denis Villeneuve directs the follow up to the 1982 classic Blade Runner, and a new clip featuring Ryan Gosling and Lennie James has been released. C’mon, I can’t be the only one super hyped for this movie, right?

Fifty Shades Freed

Last and certainly least, a teaser for 50 Shades Freed has been released and it looks just as terrible as its predecessors. Set to release on Valentine’s Day 2018, this film will be the last (thank God) in the trilogy and, well, there’s a reason this is last in this edition of So Good News.

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