I didn’t even realize this was in production until 20 minutes ago but I just caught sight of a trailer for a new Ghost in the Shell game. I’ve been a fan of GitS since I was young so I am hyped for this.

The game-play looks fast paced, free flowing and brutal. It seems to be a team-based shooter sort of like a mix between CoD and TF2. I love that they have included the thermo-optic camouflage as well it looks like including an ability that essentially gives you a wall hack.

The only worrying thing is that it is being made by Nexon. I personally hadn’t heard of them before but apparently they don’t have the greatest of reputations. The only game I have heard of that Nexon has released before was Counter-Strike: Online so yeah…

The graphics and the models look better than Neotokyo. While I didn’t see any thing that looked like the tank out of the movie I did catch a glimpse of a Tachikoma. It’s also cool how they have used more of the characters out of Stand Alone Complex than just Kusanagi. I will definitely be giving this a run when it is released.