What’s going to set you apart from the average pub scrub in CS:GO? The ability to aim. More specifically, the ability to aim for the head. If you’re anything like me starting out in CS, you shoot as soon as you see an enemy appear on your screen before you take into account your crosshair placement. The ability to set up your shot before you fire is really hard to do, and takes a lot of practice.

So how do you improve? Practice, practice, practice. And then once you’ve started practicing it, don’t stop. Ever.

My suggestion is to find yourself a Deathmatch (DM) server, pick the weapon you enjoy using most (AK, M4 for example) and start practicing. As soon as you see an enemy, before you fire, aim at his head. If you die while trying to do it, you’ll respawn in 1 second so who cares. Keep doing that, over and over. Eventually it will start to feel natural. You’ll find yourself aiming before you fire and it feels good. It feels so good you’ll rock a semi e-bone. Don’t care about your score in DM servers. Care about your aim, that’s all that matters. People often use DM servers to warm up on before joining competitive matchmaking games. I know I like to.

Another option is joining a 1v1 server, or a specific aim map server and then do the same thing. Aim for their head. Score/k/d ratio is irrelevant in pub servers.

If you’re really new and your reflexes are too slow for a DM/aim map server, then create an offline game with bots and set them as harmless. You’ll have all the time in the world to aim at their heads. After doing this a few times, back yourself and join an online game. The best way to improve is by playing people that are better than you.

Fairly basic, but with a bit of time and practice you’ll notice your game improve.

I hope you start popping heads as if they were pimples on prom night.