Welcome to Geek Merch – Edition #1 Our weekly list of amazingly random things to waste your paycheck on. Have any specific feedback or thoughts for the column? Blast it into the discussion board below! Lets get on with it…



Flux Capacitor Watch – Available from Think Geek for $49.95 US

Want to be the talk of the town at the next time travel convention? This watch is for you! Based on the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future, this amazing looking watch displays the time via the LED’s in the Flux Capacitor. The time circuits below display the current date, but the most amazing feature is the ‘Time Travel’ function, where at the touch of the button, the flux capacitor will be … fluxing… and through the amazing science of LEDs your watch will transport you to a random date. Just hope you don’t end up in the dark ages, where you could be burnt at a stake. A must have for any Back to the Future fan!


The Art of John Alvin – Available from Book Depository for $39.26 AUD

Whilst most movie fans will recognize the name Drew Struzan, the name John Alvin may not be so memorable. After reading this book you still may not recognize the name, but you will definitely recognize the art! John Alvin painted manly classic posters including posters for ET, The Goonies, Batman, Blade Runner and many pieces of Star Wars art. This is an amazing book, but the real gem is the few pages devoted to Jurassic Park concepts that never end up being used! A great read with some amazing art!


Dancing Groot – Available on Preorder from EB Games for $16.00 AUD

The true star of Guardians of the Galaxy is this little fellow! Now you too can own your own Dancing Groot – just add your own Jackson 5 tape! One of a million Pop Vinyl figures available, this one is sure to be a huge hit when it becomes available in December.


Super Smash Bros for Wii U – Available from JB Hifi for $64.00 AUD

The game Wii U have been waiting for! Super Smash Bros for Wii U is the next installment in the chaotic fighting game franchise featuring all your favourite Nintendo all stars (along with a variety of bottom shelf characters). Reviews are coming in quick and fast for this (watch this space for our own review soon!) but are all pointing to another fantastic game! Smash it out in a variety of modes, online, or as part of the new 8 player smash! Any takers? Common guys! My Greninja will smash your Toon Link!


8 Bit LED Holiday Wreath – Available from Think Geek for $19.99 USD

Last but not least, get into the Holiday Spirit with this 8 Bit Holiday Wreath. Nothing says Christmas like Video Games, so celebrate the season with the twinkling lights of Galaga, Tetris & Pacman! Santa will surely know what to bring if you have this hanging above your fireplace!