Brad Pitt stars in the dark and gritty WWII drama about a rag tag team of marines and a tank named ‘Fury’. So, is it any good?


In the world I live in today, it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that this is our actual history. While the story itself is fictitious, the events that surrounded ‘Fury’ are everything but. ‘Fury’ shows all the colours of war, while it does take the standard road of showing Nazi Germany to be the scum of the Earth, it also takes a look at how America got their hands dirty, taking advantage of and raping helpless women in the overrun cities, having no sympathy or compassion for the destruction of towns and the slaughtering of its community.


In the opening sequences little to no score is used yet the sounds of explosions in the distant background gave the sense of a beating drum and set the tone for the entire movie. Having seen multiple war movies in my life I never truly felt safe for any of the characters in ‘Fury’, I knew any of their lives could end abruptly in a split second.

War Daddy (Brad Pitt) was a leader and an unrelenting sergeant, while he came off more like a dick, by the end of the movie you understand that he was just trying to teach his team how to protect one another. He was a father to them all, his comrades trusted him with their lives. He had to teach Norman (Logan Lerman) the baby of the group to become a man, while the ‘extreme hazing’ that goes on to make Norman into a man might not have been the best way to go about it, in war its probably the fastest.

‘Fury’ is a great throw back to the great WWII Genre from the 90’s like ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan’. It has a great storyline and characters set in one of the worst moments in our history. Fury is in cinemas now