Friday Fright Night: What To Watch this Scary Season

With Halloween so very soon tis’ the season for us horror nerds to get really excited. With more and more exciting news on the horror front, from next years Halloween reboot to the rise of critically and financially successful horror movies like Get Out and IT, what better way to spend your Friday Fright Night than by catching up on whats still to come before October is out (glass of whiskey optional)!

It’s My Birthday And I’ll Die If I Want To

Trailers have been dropping rapidly for Happy Death Day; Groundhog Day as imagined by Wes Craven. A teenage girl is murdered on her birthday and has to keep reliving it to solve her murder, it is produced by Blumhouse and is the next film from The Scouts Guide the Zombie Apocalypse’s Christopher Landon. It looks cool and for American audiences they get it on Friday the 13th, us lucky Aussies get it a day before on the 12th.

Ah McG You’ve Done It Again

If it’s not cool enough that we get a Friday the 13th in October this year, Netflix has gone all out with McG to give you some perfect horror viewing, with the horror/comedy you didn’t know you needed The Babysitter. Everyone falls in love with their babysitter right? Well be careful of Aussie actress and Home And Away alum Samara Weaving because she may just want to sacrifice you with her cult friends: Bella Thorne, the one we all suspected was actually part of a cult,  Pitch Perfect scene-stealer Hanna Mae Lee, and Robbie “I can’t believe it’s NOT Stephen” AmellThe Babysitter is streaming on Netflix worldwide on the 13th.

One More Piece Of The Puzzle

Ok, so Jigsaw is being released at the very start of November in Australia, but I’m so excited for this one I’m counting it. I know the Saw franchise’s most recent outings have left much to be desired with some huge misses, but Jigsaw being helmed by Australian Twins Micheal and Peter Spierig, OK so there German born but I’m still counting it, Jigsaw seems to be redeeming the series, even pulling back deceased Jigsaw himself Tobin Bell. Jigsaw is in Australian Cinemas On November 2.

If that’s not enough to keep you occupied for this scary season, both Cult Of Chucky and Leatherface are also slated for October releases in America but both are more likely to be straight to DVD or streaming for us, with release dates to be confirmed.

What are you most excited for this scary season? Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook.