Fourteen More ‘Transformers’ Movies Are On Their Way

Michael Bay, stop what you’re doing, go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done, because your behaviour is unacceptable.

Last week at Cinemacon Michael Bay gave everyone some insight on the future of the Transformers franchise. Sadly, the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight won’t be the last entry in the Transformers universe. Instead, what we will get is nearly two more decades of the robots in disguise, which is a serious case of more than meets the why?

Two years ago Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner revealed at a stockholders meeting that they were going to incorporate a “writers room” to nut out the future sequels and spin-offs, which is being lead by Akiva Goldsman, who wrote the critically acclaimed Lost In Space, starring everyone’s favourite friend Joey Tribbiani, and Batman & Robin starring George Bat nipples Clooney. Since getting lost in space and visiting Gotham, Goldsman has written some great movies which include A Beautiful Mind, The DaVinci Code, I Am Legend and Cinderella Man, so there is some hope on the horizon that he will be able to deliver a quality film with his writers.

Now begs the question of whether Transformers: The Last Knight will be Bay’s last time directing a film in the franchise, the answer is not likely,  because we all know what happened after Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. During his chat with MTV they asked if he would be helming another sequel or spin-off, to which Bay responded with “I’m having fun editing The Last Knight” and seemed quite keen on taking on one of the future films.

I’m really hoping that Bay moves on from Transformers and works towards something original. In the past 10 years he’s only directed two other movies besides Transformers, one of which was 2016’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi. If you haven’t already seen it I highly recommend watching it.

After The Last Knight hits cinemas this year, the next film will be the Bumblebee spin-off, which will focus on…you guessed it, Bumblebee. The film is set in the years leading up to meeting Sam Witwicky ( Shia LaBeouf ). It is being directed by Travis Knight ( Kubo And The Two Strings ) written by Christina Hodson ( Shut In ) and due to be released June 8, 2018.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be released on June, 23rd in the US and June 22nd in Australia.