A tale of muscle-clenching indie terror.

Five Nights at Freddy’s has you spending five nights as a security officer working the night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. During the day the titular Freddy and his other animatronic friends spend the day singing the kind of songs that kids love and drive their parents mad. At night well that’s another story.

So is it any good?


So you’ve been hired to look after the joint from 12am to 6am. Which coincides with the time the animatronics are allowed to roam the halls to prevent their servos locking up. The issue with this, aside from it being really creepy, is that they tend to mistake any humans they find as undressed characters and will try to force your body into a suit where there is not enough room for a body. The only things you have to help you remain unpulped are two doors, some dodgy cameras and an ever dwindling power supply.

Gameplay revolves around sitting in your security office in the opposite end of the building to Freddy’s stage. To check on Freddy and friends you’ll need to bring up your laptop to check the security cameras located around the building. Inevitably you’ll bring up the cameras to check on your night-time companions only to find that one of them has gone missing. You’ll need to track their progress through the building and once they get to either of the hallways outside your room shut the corresponding powered door to keep them out until they wander away. The unfortunate thing is that looking at the laptop or keeping the doors shut uses up your limited amount of power at increased rate depending on how many of them you have operating at the same time. This leads to you sitting there wondering if they have moved or if you should check where they are and just praying that Bonnie the Bunny isn’t about come bursting through the door.


The suspense of not knowing where everyone is and the limited amount of power builds a really tense atmosphere. The sounds that you hear waiting in your office definitely don’t help either. There is a clip floating around on the net of Foxy racing down a hallway and bursting into your office. Without the sound and context it seems pretty funny, like he is just super excited about singing happy birthday to you. When you’re playing the game and have spent the last minute sitting there listening to things bumping around in the dark only to flick onto the hallway camera and see that it’s fricken terrifying.

If you flick around on YouTube you should be able to find plenty of video’s featuring people scaring themselves stupid playing this game, Sure some of them have to be over-reacting because they’re on YouTube but still pretty funny.

You probably won’t like this game if you’re not into jump scares, either because you’re immune or if they are just too spooky for you. The graphics are a bit rough too but honestly the game doesn’t need super high graphics, Freddy and his pals look creepy enough as it is.

So what I want to know is who the hell would go back to that job after the first night? Just from playing the game I went to bed feeling vaguely uneasy about leaving the bedroom door open. For $5 on Steam Five Nights at Freddy’s is worth the money.