After hearing and seeing nothing from Fox’s new Fantastic Four film since it began filming, today brings us a first look of the film. Check it out:

Definitely different from the earlier films! This comic book flick looks darker and moodier than previous attempts at bringing Marvel’s first family to the big screen. The film stars Miles Teller as Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) , Kate Mara as Sue Storm (Invisible Woman),  Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm (The Thing). Recently, director Josh Trank talked about the film as being heavily inspired by David Cronenberg, and along with the news that Phillip Glass has been hired to co-score the film, shows that this is definitely not going to be the pop fun Fantastic Four of old!

First poster is below:


Fantastic Four opens in Australian cinemas on August 6th 2015


Bonus Feature: Watch the Teaser Trailer with commentary from writer Simon Kinberg and director Josh Trank: