FAN FILM FRIDAYS: Batman Evolution

Well, it’s Friday somewhere in the world so that means it’s time for another Fan Film Fridays. This week we head into Gotham to check out Batman Evolution, directed by Peter Cornwell and starring Eric Gable (who also wrote and DOP’d the film).

The evolution of the Batman, from 60’s Batman to Nolan Batman through burning rubber mutation. What a cool concept.

There’s some cheeky script work and great fight sequences and for a fan film sometimes that’s enough. For me, this is one of those fan films that had a great concept but didn’t take it far enough. I would have loved to see the transformation happen a few times and the character evolve into a few more incarnations of the character.

The passion and dedication it takes to make these short films is astounding. So many of them just fall into the depths of YouTube hell, so if you know of a Fan Film that we might love to see send it over to and we’ll check it out for another Fan Film Fridays!