EXCLUSIVE: Leaked ‘Alien: Covenant’ Images Give Us The First Look At The New Xenomorphs (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Images were removed as requested by 20TH CENTURY FOX

EXCLUSIVE: A source who shall not be named has provided So, Is It Any Good with a set of images that appear to have been taken on the set of Alien: Covenant, giving us a tantalising glimpse of what we can expect from Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Prometheus follow up. Naturally, this post contains potential spoilers.

Among the images is the instantly recognisable “Space Jockey” chamber, which featured so prominently in Prometheus, as well as a glimpse of some Alien eggs. The close-up of the iconic face hugger shows the slight variations to the design with what appears to be 2 extra legs and a leaner body. Most intriguingly however, are two images of what appear to be an entirely new species, which we can only assume is the hybrid-Xenomorph creature we’ve been hearing about recently, and which Michael Fassbender hinted at during an interview with BBC2.

The creatures are housed in what appears to be a research lab, with early incarnations of the Xenomorphs sketched on the walls and multiple fetuses being analysed on the desk

At this point, all we can really do is speculate about what we are seeing here, but it’s damn cool to get a taste of where the design is headed this time around. Personally, I dig the fact they are further expanding the world and putting a new spin on a familiar species, hopefully without tarnishing the iconic designs that have come before.

Check the images out below!


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