The last thing you’d expect director Richard Linklater to do after the monumental achievement that was Boyhood, is to return to his indie roots for yet another slacker comedy. But that’s exactly what the auteur has done with his new 80s set college comedy, Everybody Wants Some. Check out the trailer below.

Its impossible to watch this trailer and not think of Linklater’s 1993 coming of age comedy, Dazed and Confused. Just like Everybody Wants Some, that film also featured a cool period soundtrack, a mixture of unknown and semi-unknown actors, and stoners doing stonery things. But if the material is as much fun as this trailer suggests, then I don’t see these similarities being a problem at all.

Who knows, maybe somewhere amongst Linklater’s new cast of unknowns is the next Matthew McConaughey, just waiting to utter a single line of dialogue that will be quoted for years to come.


EVERYBODY WANTS SOME is yet to receive an official Australian release date