Ben Affleck‘s Batman has been a controversial talking point in the DCEU, for the overly violent and gun toting interpretation of the character in Batman v Superman. Despite this, fans generally have taken a liking to his take on both the Batman and Bruce Wayne character, bringing grit and physicality as well charm and charisma to the billionaire playboy.

Bat Trouble

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. may be looking to phase out Affleck from the role as early as after finishing the upcoming Justice League movie. While this would be a shame given Ben’s acting experience and ability, it would come as no surprise given the trouble the solo Batman film has faced in pre production. Affleck has expressed his dissatisfaction with the role in interviews along with how poorly Batman v Superman was received. We all are familiar with the Sad Affleck video.

Creative conflicts initially arose in BVS, with Affleck rewriting his lines and changing the script from that which was wanted by director Zack Snyder. Add to the fact that he also stepped down from directing the solo Batman film and with his script being rewritten, could be adding fuel to the fire that Affleck’s time in the franchise could be coming to an end.

Situation Unknown

Despite these rumours Warner Bros. have stated that they want Affleck to remain in the cowl for as long as possible, while planning a way to transition the actor from the role for possibly a younger actor. It would be a disservice to fans of the DCEU to have such a pivotal acting change so early in the universe.

There is definitely focus on building a Batman movie universe with the planned Batgirl, Nightwing and Gotham City Sirens movies, but little has been revealed at this point if Affleck will be apart of this universe. Hopefully we will get some confirmation from the Warner Bros. this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con during their Hall H panel, confirming Ben’s future involvement.