Elizabeth Shaw Wants To Go Home in Brand New ‘Alien: Covenant’ TV Spot

The marketing so far for Alien: Covenant has eluded to lean on Prometheus to the point where it’s hard to distinguish any real connective tissue between the two. The posters and trailers have amped up the return of the Alien, whilst a brief prologue introduced a brand new crew. You’d be forgiven for thinking Michael Fassbender is solely playing the new synthetic, Walter, such is the lack of his former ‘droid David from any promotional material so far. However, 20th Century Fox have provided us with what is probably the most tangible link so far, in a chilling TV spot featuring a holographic figure wearily singing Take Me Home by John Denver. Click the play button above to decipher the mystery or simply hit this link

Take Me Home” debuted after three other new television commercials which you can check out below, entitled ‘Run’, ‘Pray’ and ‘Hide’. Prepare for some handsome mug shots of the Xenomorph and Neomorph Julia Roberts could only have wished to have met in Eat Pray Love:

Alien: Covenant is ridiculously close and releases in UK theatres May 12th and Australian theatres May 19th.