Aahhhhh! After 10,000 years shes free! Lionsgate’s reboot of 90’s hit TV show, Power Rangers, suddenly got a whole lot more interesting! Elizabeth Banks has joined the cast as Rita Repulsa, the evil space witch(?) who spent many an afternoon creating monsters to battle the heroic teenagers with attitude!

Directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac), this reboot takes us back to Angel Grove as our favourite rangers, Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini & Kimberly, whip out their power coins and battle evil!

With a cast of basically unknown actors (save for RJ Cyler who was fantastic in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), this reboot seemed destined for the bargain bin – but with Elizabeth Banks in the cast, well suddenly, things seem more interesting. Either the script is surprisingly good – enough to attract somebody of Ms Banks’ talent… or there are quite a few dollar signs attached to this project. Either way, all those years playing Effie in the Hunger Games films will surely help with the crazy costume (with way too many pointy… bits).


Power Rangers is set for a US release on 23 March 2017