So Elite: Dangerous is a game that I have been following with a bit of interest. The game looks gorgeous and if it is all the developers are promising it should be a lot of fun. Unfortunately since the Kickstarter Frontier have been promising an offline mode for single player and they have just announced that they will be dropping that feature. Considering the game is due to be released in less than a month this is a bit shit. They must have known that they would be dropping offline for a lot longer now and the fact that they have hidden it from all the people backing them doesn’t look good. This has caused a unexpectedly large backlash for them with some people talking about credit-card charge-backs for fraud. This has happened before with backers of Mighty Number 9 contacting their banks after having a number of issues with the community manager.

I know some of you would be saying how much does offline really matter but the issue is what happens if Frontier isn’t making the money they need to keep the servers up and running? Most of the companies running MMO’s these days have a big producer backing them. Frontier has had to make multiple bids for money aside from just the Kickstarter like charging a large price for early Beta access which is worrying. Honestly though, I hope everything goes smoothly for Frontier and the game launches to great success. Who knows perhaps they will be able to release an offline update later.