Coming To America, the 80’s classic, may finally get a sequel nearly 20 years later with Eddie Murphy. Deadline confirms that the film will be directed by Jonathan Levine with Kenya Barris handling script duties, taking over from Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield. This is a smart move, although ridiculously late, as the 1988 comedy made almost $300 million at the box office.


Jonathan Levine has directed such classics as The Night Before and the surprise hit Warm Bodies. Kenya Barris is certainly in demand, after critical acclaim for TV series Black-ish and the recent comedy Girls Trip. Barris is also attached to Son Of Shaft, a continuation of the John Shaft stories. His work is well known for social commentary and being incredibly hilarious for both adults and families alike. Eddie Murphy working with such a distinguished production will mean box-office gold.coming_to_america_stillMurphy would benefit the most from a sequel to Coming To America, as his career has truly deteriorated. His most recent movie Mr Church was a box office failure. With a Richard Pryor film in the works and a noticeable gap in the market for romantic comedies, this sequel with a mature Murphy could reinvigorate his fortunes. Especially with Beverly Hills Cop 4 now in development hell. Eddie Murphy triumphantly returning to mature comedies is excellent news for audiences.

COMING TO AMERICA 2’s release is TBC.