I don’t think anything like this has happened in the history of major Counter-Strike tournaments. After a controversial final match Fnatic have officially forfeited one of their matches and retired from the tournament.

Fnatic were playing a best of three game against LDLC when the third match got reviewed. The first map went to LDLC with the Frenchmen putting together a solid performance to win Dust 2 16 -10 . Fnatic then pulled it back to win the second game on Cache 16 – 8. That set up a final match to be played on Overpass as the decider to see who would proceed to the next round. LDLC were clearly happy to start the map as CT and proceeded to set-up a virtually unassailable first half lead of 12 – 3. It looked like the winner was decided until Fnatic took control of the CT’s and in the first round used a three man boost near Bombsite A that gave them a view of the sewers, squeaky and toilets. Although it wasn’t much use in the first round it quickly became clear that Fnatic had broken the map.

Able to see where their enemies would be pushing early and providing a the ability to snipe a lot of the map Fnatic won thirteen straight rounds giving them the match 16 – 13. The outrage from the commentary team after the match was palpable but they managed to keep it professional. Fifflaren stated “If I could curse that’s probably everything that would come out of my mouth right now”. Also props to James for managing not to punch Devilwalk in his mouth during the post match interview.

If you don’t follow CS:GO and you’re not sure why this is such a big deal, Valve asks the top teams like Fnatic to help them test the maps and make sure that things like that can’t occur. Fnatic decided to keep a map flaw a secret for two months in order to exploit it when an opportunity like this arose. As James stated during the interview it is a shame that such a flaw was revealed in the map only during one of Counter-Strike’s biggest tournaments.

After the match LDLC filed a complaint to have the match officials look at the game. There were a number of possible reasons that the match results could be overturned such as pixel-walking or if it is considered an exploit. Eventually the officials decided that the result was forfeit and the map would be replayed with the scores from half-time. The reason given was pixel-walking but personally I think it was on the grounds of “Hey, that’s bullshit”.

In response to that Fnatic filed their own complaint about LDLC’s play in an earlier match. The officials reviewed that too and decided that the final match would be played on Overpass again but this time the score would be leveled at 0 – 0. This must not have been the result Fnatic wanted because shortly afterwards Fnatic decided to forfeit the match stating that they didn’t want to distract people from the finals.

The Fnatic brand seems to have been copping a bit of a beating recently with flusha being accused of hacking and the controversy over their Dota arm trying to drop Era for Excalibur for The International last year. Of course this latest incident has gotten people once again bringing up the NIP vs Fnatic match where Fnatic refused to shake hands after the match.