Disney Doubles Down On Fairytales

Without identifying titles, Disney has reshuffled their release deck, and booked in a slew of future dates for the live-action fairytale fare that it has in development. One of these such dates is sure to go to the still unannounced, but pretty much guaranteed Jungle Book 2. With the first instalment swinging in on $700M worldwide, it’s a shoo-in for sequelization.mowgli-in-jungle-bookThe House Of Mouse had Dec. 22, 2017 booked, but they’ve since moved off that week (which comes directly after Star Wars: Episode VIII) and moved up to July 28, 2017, going up against the Jumanji reboot which has since hooked Dwayne Johnson.

In addition, Disney has staked a claim on April 6 (in the shadow of Steven Spielberg’s big-budget Ready Player One)Aug 3, and Christmas in 2018. That last one sets up a potential clash off the titans, as Sony and Fox also have a flag planted there: it’s where the Spider-Man animated sequel will swing in, and it’s also the expected (but not yet official) release date for James Cameron‘s Avatar sequel. Last but not least, Disney has blocked off Dec. 20, 2019 for yet another tale.

It’s really no surprise that Disney is doubling down hard on the their fairytale properties. After its Animation, Lucasfilm, and Marvel divisions, Disney’s live action reboots have become a massive money spinners, with most of them grossing over $700M worldwide. Disney’s next cab off the rank is Wonderland sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass, which opens on May 26.johnny-depp-alice-through-the-looking-glassAs to what may fill the various spots? Well there are several in the pipeline. In terms of non-sequels, there’s Cruella, with Emma Stone set as the titular black and white haired villain, Dumbo from director Tim Burton, and a Tinker Bell film starring Reese Witherspoon. Sequels in the pipeline include; Maleficent 2 with Angelia Jolie set to return in the title role, the aforementioned The Jungle Book 2 with director Jon Favreau set to return, and a sequel to Mary Poppins starring Emily Blunt.

That’s a lot of reboots, remakes and reimaginings on the table, and I hope that at some point Disney returns to creating their special brand of original stories. Lord knows we don’t need to see a live action Lilo & Stitch. But that’s just one man’s opinion.

What do you guys think of the fairytale influx? Sound off in the comments below!