Well after promising us a new Deadpool trailer on the 25th, Santa and Fox have delivered, with a quick Christmas-themed teaser yesterday (featuring some new footage) and the second Deadpool trailer today.

So first, the teaser:
And then the trailer in all it’s red band glory!

We get to see a bit more of Wade’s backstory as well as a bit more attitude and some serious ass kicking action. While I’m not loving the second trailer as much as the first, it would have been hard to top, and I’m still super excited for this one.

This line sums up Deadpool for me:

“I didn’t ask to be super and I’m no hero but when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking super hero….”


If you’re a little more on the prudish side, or want to ease into the adult world of Deadpool, here’s a little green band action for you:

DEADPOOL hits Australian cinemas on February 11th.