Not a great time to be a Chinese Deadpool fan today with reports that the ‘merc with a mouth’ won’t be dropping f-bombs and villains across the country as Deadpool has been banned by the Chinese government.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the film has apparently been banned for its use of violence, nudity and graphic language i.e. all the reasons we want to see the film. China doesn’t have a ratings board, so films are viewed by the government and given a yes or no (sounds familiar!). Marvel films (and superhero films in general) tend to do big business in China (Avengers: Age of Ultron – $240M, X-Men Days of Future Past – $116M) so I’m sure 20th Century Fox are a little disappointed with this outcome.

A quick reminder below of what fans can expect when Deadpool hits theatres:

Honestly, this isn’t all that surprising and I’m incredibly curious to see where this lands with the Australian Classification Board, who have yet to classify the film. If the film is to live up to the hype its been building up in both trailers and social media, anything less than an MA rating will be shock.

In short, great news for Deadpool fans as it seems the film is shaping up to be exactly what we want. Bad news if you’re Fox wanting to cash in on those sweet international returns!

DEADPOOL hits Australian cinemas on February 11th.