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There’s a great trend at the moment where artists are creating concept designs for fictional cartoon series based on movies and TV.  Some of the best ones being Blade Runner, Firefly and more recently Indiana Jones.  LA based illustrator Justin White aka Jublin thought bugger that, instead I’ll make a massive art collection of all my favourite cult movies and shows.  In his brilliant series titled ‘Rated G’ he re-imagines some iconic pop culture moments in cinema.  Even though I’m sure it’s not his intention to pitch these to studios, I’d still watch any of them on a Saturday morning.  There’s a few different styles used here, I especially love his ‘bandy legged’ versions of some of classic horror.  Here’s how Justin describes his collection:

“A series of faux animation cels for terrible cartoons that shouldn’t happen. Inspired by some of my favorite movies and television shows, these were on display and sold at Gallery1988 during a solo show known as “Rated G” and its follow up “Rated G: The Sequel”. This is an ongoing project.”[sic]

Luckily this is an ongoing collection, so I’ll keep you updated of any of his new creations.  Here’s a small selection of his work and you can check out his full collection at I’ve also included a video of White’s processes at the bottom of this post.  You can even wear his gear at  What do you think his work?  What movie would you like to see given the ‘Jublin’ treatment?gbavengersjustin_white_rated_g_sequel_jason_friday_13bruce25-Escape-From-New-York-&-From-La-Freelance-Illustrator-and-Designer-Justin-White-aka-Jublin-Movies-&-TV-Shows-Series-as-Cartoons-www-designstack-co Justin-White-3-550x436 Justin-White-Oldboy-1024x273 2001 b504a06255c666926c998749fa1eae92 tumblr_o5delxMoDa1uutnkko1_540 tumblr_na0lqrGFRy1swmroko1_5009 7 6 217 1614 10rated-G-Justin-White-4 rated-G-Justin-White-2 rated-G-Justin-White-1 GG7vwP4h 30rated-G-Justin-White-10 rated-G-Justin-White-9 rated-G-Justin-White-8 rated-G-Justin-White-7
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