“Warriorrrss, come out to play-hay!!!”

Its a quote that many will remember from the much loved 1979 film The Warriors; and now the call is being answered, with Paramount TV and Hulu announcing a TV adaptation of Walter Hill‘s cult classic (and the book upon which it was based) is currently in the works. Even better news is the creative duo that will be overseeing the whole project: none other than the Russo brothers, AKA Hollywood’s new favourite film making siblings outside of Phil Lord and Chris Miller.warriors_081pyxurzPersonally this news gives me great satisfaction, as I’ve been saying for years that the scope of The Warriors universe makes it a prime candidate for a longer form story. We got a taste of this potential with Rockstar’s excellent video game in 2005, but a remake happy Hollywood has been strangely quiet on The Warriors front up until now.

There are of course a great many questions about how exactly the producers will adapt the existing story: will it be set over the course of one night like the original? Or will this be more of a prequel or sequel rather than a retelling of the events we’ve already witnessed. It will also be interesting to see whether they repeat the seventies exploitation vibe of the original film, or whether they’ll update the material for a modern audience.the-warriors-lutherWhatever way the Russos end up going, as long as they nail the tone of the original, with just the right mixture of camp and cool, then this could be something very special indeed.

In the mean time, get yourself pumped by re watching the bad ass opening from the original film, if only just to hear that killer theme music one more time. Surely they’ll record a new version of this track for the shows opening credits!