Pack your bags! Our sneak peak at Pandora: The World of Avatar

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 8 years since James Cameron’s Avatar hit theatres. It only seems like yesterday that the world visited Pandora for the first time ….and then basically forgot about it. Yes, even though Avatar still sits atop to the all time Box Office charts, it definitely hasn’t stayed as fresh in the minds of film fans everywhere as I’m sure Cameron would have hoped. But, after years of promising sequels it seems like its finally full steam ahead with film rolling shortly on one, two, three four mighty sequels.

So, how else do you get the world talking about Avatar again? Well, you team up with Disney and you make a themed area.

Pandora: The world of Avatar is a new themed area opening to guests on May 27th. Found within Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida –  Pandora invites guests to journey across the stars to visit the majestically tropic alien landscape of the titular moon. Filled with amazing sights, sounds, food and attractions, Pandora takes themed lands to the next level.

Now, thanks to some lucky friends of the site who got a sneak peak, we bring you a look behind the construction walls at the majesty of Pandora. I’ll be packing my bags whilst you browse…


Pandora is apparently set after all the sequels – at a time where Humans and the Navi are apparently friends again. Throughout the land you will see hints of the RDA (i.e. those after the unobtanium in the film); their vehicles covered in jungle overgrowth – and their buildings re purposed into food and merch amenities.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Disney without rides, and Pandora has two marquee attractions that look amazing. Flight of Passage lets guests merge with an avatar and experience an exhilarating flight on the back of a Banshee, and the Navi River Journey, an all ages boat ride through the bio luminescent forests of Pandora. It also features one of the most amazing Audio Animatronic’s I’ve ever seen:

Speaking of bio luminescent, lighting features heavily in the land after nightfall – Pandora comes to life with the amazing glowing plants and trees seen in the film – a land where the differences are truly night and day.

All in all, this expansion looks great for film fans – It’s rare that something we see and love on the screen is brought to life with such amazing detail – and it gives us a glimpse of the detail we can expect when Star Wars land’s open at Disney parks on both coasts in 2019.