Check Out These ‘Alien: Covenant’ X-Rays

The Alien: Covenant hype train is in full swing! Hot off the heels of the new TV spots are some interesting x-rays of the Covenant crew and some uninvited foreign bodies that lie beneath, which would give the bravest of radiographer’s a heart attack. These promotional images follow a vote conducted by the official Alien social media channel encouraging fans to determine who would reign as “survivor” in the film’s impending bloodbath. Check out the scans below and think twice about whether your indigestion is food-related or maybe something a bit more serious:

There is a few more out there if you log into Facebook. Even though the house of Alien is built upon a strong female lead, it would seem the folks in the 20th Century Fox marketing department want you to think twice before you assume Alien: Covenant follows the usual tropes. All bets are off. Who do you think will survive? Sound off in the comments below and join me in showing a bit of love for Tennessee!

Alien: Covenant releases 12th May in UK theatres and 19th May in Australia.