Cate Blanchett In Talks For Fem-Powered OCEANS 11 Remake

It came out last year that Sandra Bullock would be starring in an all-female Ocean’s Eleven reboot directed by Gary Ross (The Hunger GamesSeabiscuit). It seems this needless project was dreamed up by Ross, who brought the idea to Ocean’s director Steven Soderbergh, and once they roped in Bullock the con was on again.

“Sources” tell The Playlist that Lord Of The Rings star, two time Oscar winner, and all-around Australian Cate Blanchett is in talks to join the film that is unfortunately known as Ocean’s Ocho (barf) by the key players. This would seem to suggest that instead of finding eleven actresses to fill out the company, they’ll just settle for eight, cause you just know there just aren’t enough women who can be funny, smart and sexy. Should the sources be telling the truth, Blanchett would be playing the Brad Pitt to Bullock’s George Clooney, although this is not a full reboot so everyone would be playing entirely new characters – we won’t be seeing Daniela Ocean and whatever atrocious alternate name they can think of for Rusty Ryan.Sandra_Bullock-Ocean-s_Eleven-remake-Steven_SodeberghYou can’t talk about top shelf actresses doing anything without mentioning J-Law at some point, and there had been rumblings that she would be involved in this too, so of course the internet imploded. Depending on when this shoots, and it’s looking like it’ll probably be later this year, Lawrence might be tied up with any number of other projects that she’s attached to, or the publicity trail for sci-fi romance pic Passengers, so don’t expect that one to pan out

Female-led franchises are the go-to thing right about now, I just wish they could come up with a new concept for these very talented actresses, instead of rehashing a franchise and making it “female”. We know that original female-led properties (BridesmaidsPitch Perfectcan do massive business when they’re given the opportunity, it just seems crazy to me that we’re still at a point where movie studios are hesitant to give actresses their support.

There’s no further word on casting at this point, but expect every actress in Hollywood to scramble at the chance to join the ensemble, although it’s unlikely that you’ll see Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones on that list after the debacle that was Ocean’s Twelve. Let’s just hope that Ocean’s Ocho isn’t the official title, and that it stays in development where it belongs… *shudder*.