Captain America: Civil War! The feud that could bring all fellow geeks to tears of excitement! I’ve been waiting for it to hit the cinema screens since its days as a comic book. So, is it any good?


Being one of the biggest films of the year this will be a Spoiler Free review.

Captain America: Civil War is the sequel to Captain America: Winter Solider but it’s also a direct sequel to The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The world is in peril, cities have seen hundreds of casualties from the indirect hands of the Avengers. The government, lead by Thunderbolt Ross (a welcome return from William Hurt) have issued a registration act that would place The Avengers under the watch of the government. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) believes that The Avengers need a leash and should only act when the government thinks they should. He doesn’t want to see any more death in his life. On the other side is Captain America (Chris Evans) who believes that the leash will only get tighter and tighter and what they are doing is for the good of the planet and with war comes casualties. This act splits the team down the middle.  Thus CIVIL WAR.

There is a lot to fit into a single film but The Russo Brothers do this flawlessly. The Brothers make it very clear that this isn’t just a superhero film, it’s political, humane and dramatic. The story has many threads and characters, yet I never felt overwhelmed with the sheer scale of the film. Captain America: Civil War managed the incredibly hard task of giving 16 heroes and villains enough screen time while still making it all about the rivalry of Captain America and Iron Man. Batman V Superman had just 5 main characters and the story was muddy and all over the place.


We are all here for one thing and that’s the WAR. The showdown. That airport sequence we had seen so many times in the trailer. Hero vs. hero, friend vs. friend and oh man it was marvelous! Every Avenger had their moment to shine, they all played off each other perfectly. For me Paul Rudd‘s Ant Man stole most of the show. His humour and lack of fighting style was hilarious. Paul Rudd is perfect in the MCU. His introduction to the Avengers will probably go down as one of the funniest scenes from all the Marvel films.

Captain America: Civil War also sees the introduction of everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN. Since Marvel now has an agreement with Sony (basically because Sony stuffed up the character so bad they couldn’t do anything else), Spider-Man has officially entered the MCU. Does he live up to the expectations? Heck yeah, he does! Tom Holland nails the Spider-Man side of the character, he’s sarcastic, silly and immature. He packs a punch and always has so much to say while being pummeled by his foes. We get a fair amount of screen time with the Web-head too, far more than I originally thought, roughly 35-40 mins.

Walking into Captain America: Civil War I was #TeamCap all the way but the film plays with your emotions. This was one of the strongest aspects of the film; both sides had their reasons and both sides made sense. So many times I was torn to choose. Part of me was getting tired of the superhero genre after Age Of Ultron. Each new MCU film was headed in the same direction. Civil War flipped the story on it’s head and turned the heroes on each other. I loved seeing Iron Man and Cap beat the living heck out of each other. It actually seemed like they had met their match, rather then just overpowering a big bad. Civil War is fresh and it will get you pumped for Marvel’s Phase 3.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is in cinemas now.