Every week we dissect the good, the bad, and the bombs of the Aussie box office world. No talk of box office would be complete without mention of the US, so we’ll also take a look at what’s hitting big, what’s not, and where our refined Aussie movie palates differ from our blockbuster loving American brethren (Hot tip – probably not all that much). Let’s dig in…

This weekend Crimson Peak, Legend and The Walk all hoped to lure in audiences. So, did they show up?



Source: Urban Cinefile

Red Rum: Fans didn’t exactly swarm the latest outing for director Guillermo Del Toro, as Crimson Peak ends it’s first open house weekend in 3rd place on $838k. Horror pics are generally front-loaded, as the hardcore fans rush out to see them first weekend, but with Halloween right around the corner, this might have some scare left in it yet.

Legen… Wait For It: Legend didn’t exactly live up to it’s name, as the Tom Hardy pic was trounced by the Martian/Intern/Crimson Peak trifecta and relegated to 4th place on $732k. Without the momentum of a bang-up start, this gangster pic will have a hard time raking in the green I think, so look for it to quickly fade as the more prestigious awards fare rolls on through.


No Walk To Remember: It’s difficult to pin-point exactly what the audience aversion to The Walk is, but as in the States, local audiences to have turned their noses up at the high-stakes drama. It managed to tip-toe into 6th place on $524k, probably far below what Sony was expecting, especially with all those large format screen dollars rolling on in. If it gets some awards love leading up to Christmas the pic might get a second wind.

Winner Winner: The biggest story this weekend comes from Chinese pic Goodbye Mr. Loser, which has broken records in the Middle Kingdom, making a splash on just 11 screens and raking in a $35k per screen average for a $345k total in 8th place. We’ve seen it a number of times already this year, when there’s a pic that speaks to it’s niche audience, they turn out in droves!

Over in the U.S of A, Goosebumps took on Crimson Peak for the pre-Halloween dollars, and Bridge Of Spies sought out the discerning drama audiences.



Source: Box Office Mojo

Chills, That Are Multiplying: Goosebumps rides the PG scare train into first place with $23.6 million, taking advantage of a pre-Halloween appretite for scares, and tapping into the fandom of the well-loved book series. The Jack Black film should continue to do good business as the Americans really get into the spooky mood.

Safe Crossing: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg reteamed for the war drama Bridge Of Spies, and the audience granted them passage, forking over $15.1 million to land the pic in 3rd place behind a still soaring The Martian. With good reviews and a marquee star/director team, look for this to play well even as the other Oscar hopefuls crowd the marketplace.

Low Peak: The fans just didn’t show up. It was riding mountains of pre-release buzz, and the target audience was eating up everything that was released, but once again we see that this doesn’t always translate into box office bucks. Crimson Peak stutters into 4th place with a less-than-stellar $13.1 million. It’s going to be difficult to rally from that, and the Del Toro pic will see extra competition for the horror audience when Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension opens this week.

Up next week, Bradley Cooper gets Burnt, Tom Hanks crosses the Bridge Of Spies, and we see what goes bump in the night in Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

So there you go folks, any surprises? Everything pan out just as you suspected? Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you’re enjoying at the multiplex. Also, if there’s anything you’d like to see us cover in the world of box office, speak up and let your opinion be known!