Bonds Are Broken And Things Go Boom In The Trailer For ‘The Fate of the Furious’

After Fast and Furious 7 made all the money, it was inevitable another instalment would soon follow in its slipstream, and now we have a full length trailer (and new title) for The Fate of The Furious.

Hit the link above to check it out.the-fate-of-the-furious-trailer

I don’t know about you, but I get the vibe this film (as with all the others) is about family; I counted the use of the word some five times in this trailer alone so you can only imagine how prominently it’ll feature in the final product. And what a loud, flashy final product it promises to be.

If you’re working off a Fast Franchise checklist then this trailer passes with flying colours: Ridiculous stunts (automobile wrecking ball) outrageous quotes (“I will beat you like a Cheroekee drum!”) and gyrating women (shown in slow motion of course). If these things get you excited then you’ve already made up your mind, for anyone else who needs convincing, go watch the other seven movies and come back. Actually maybe skip Tokyo Drift, you’ll thank me later.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film

Now that Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon and Brian and Mia have retired from the game—and the rest of the crew has been exonerated—the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman (Oscar® winner Charlize Theron) seduces Dom into the world of crime he can’t seem to escape and a betrayal of those closest to him, they will face trials that will test them as never before.

The Fate of the Furious AKA Fast & Furious 8 AKA Fast 8 will be released in Australian cinemas on April 13, 2016