Exciting news Ghostbusters fans and reboot sceptics!

We were all excited, but not totally surprised, when news that Dan Aykroyd has been involved in the new all-female Ghostbusters reboot appeared. Aykroyd has always been the biggest champion of the franchise, and is on the team at Sony looking for new opportunities to extend the franchise.

Now Coming Soon has broken the news that Bill freakin’ Murray (!!!) has been spotted heading to the Boston-based set of the reboot to film a now not-so-secret cameo in the flick! They even have photographic evidence of Murray in Boston (the rest is somewhat of a leap, but apparently the photos were taken as he was heading to the set). This should be very exciting news for even the most casual fan of the series. Murray was always the most readily identifiable part of Ghostbusters, but also the most unlikely to sign on for any more sequels after he was less than pleased with how Ghostbusters II turned out.


My colleague Ryan has already gone to bat for the reboot (here), and this is just another tick in the YES column for me.

What say you fellow readers, does the Murray stamp of approval add to your excitement or squash your fears a bit? Or are visions of Garfield and Garfield 2 dancing across your eyes? Sound off in the comments below!

GHOSTBUSTERS hits screens July 15th, 2016.