Nick D

RoboCop: 30 Years Later

The future of law enforcement had a name and that name was RoboCop, a franchise that exploded from a successful sleeper hit but never achieved the glory its pro...

Martin Landau: A Final Bow

Martin Landau has passed away at the age of 89 leaving behind an incredible legacy. While today’s generation may not place his name, his face can be spotted in ...

Nick D

Associate Editor

A cinephile who is a massive nerd. From Sci-fi to Drama, films to graphic novels, if it is a good story I must experience it. My grandfather had a love of Westerns and comedies. I have tried to build a vast knowledge of film as any amazing story on celluloid out there is one I want to experience. Favourite movies: The Godfather, No Country For Old Men, Inglorious Basterds.