Aussie ‘John Wick’ Fans Rejoice, ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Finally Has A Release Date!

Distributor Entertainment One dropped some amazing news yesterday, that fans of the Keanu Reeves starring John Wick franchise were hoping to hear… John Wick: Chapter 2 finally has a local release date!

The movie opened in the US last weekend, where it pulled in a healthy $30 million for the weekend (up from a $14.4 million start for the first one), but until now there had been no word on a local release plan.

In response to a tweet from a fan, EOne had this to say:

And now Gizmodo is reporting that the date will, in fact, be April 20th (distributor confirmation pending). Yes, it’s a full 69 days after the international release, but in this case, later is better than not at all to see our favourite gun-toting dog lover in action.For all those fans mad about the extended delay, Graffiti With Punctuation have a good opinion piece about the rocky road to release for John Wick: Chapter 2, and I would head their advice… go see the movie in theatres, don’t download a cam copy or wait until it’s on Netflix. If enough people see it in theatres, then we just might not be in this predicament when it comes time for Chapter 3.

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 fires into theatres (finally) on April 20th.

UpdateEvent Cinemas have since updated their release schedule, and the movie will hit their network of cinemas on May 11th, a full three weeks after Queensland cinema chain Cineplex. Geez!