ART OF MOVIES – Movie Maps

To sum up the key character’s journey in an entire movie into a single picture, would not only be a pain in the arse to research, but would take forever to create.  Well I’m glad Andrew DeGraff had the patience and skill to create his collection of Movie Maps.

Andrew is an illustrator by trade and has loved maps from an early age, and as he told The Huffington Post, it sounds like merging his passion of stories and maps was a no brainer:

“When I started as a professional illustrator, I got a few jobs creating maps for travel magazine illustrations, and had a lot of fun doing them. I realized I really loved doing architecture and landscape. At the time I was also showing in some pop-culture shows, and I noticed that a lot of the work was based on character portraits, characters in scenes, or the characters re-contextualized. There’s nothing wrong with that — and I love a lot of that work, but it’s often one character from one part of the movie. I wanted to do something that was more complete, maybe the whole film if I could.”

“I thought I’d try to take all the characters out and just use the sets and locations, and I replaced the characters with coloured arrows that followed their action in the movie. I was really happy with the result, and people seemed to really like them. At a glance the movie maps were a snapshot of the complete film, and up close you could follow the actions and interactions of nearly everything that happens. It was really interesting to take that into mapping books for Plotted. There’s so much more information, and at the same time a lot more room for invention.”

I’ve included some examples of his work below but for more of Andrew’s illustrations check out his website and tumblr page.  I’ve added a couple of close-ups so you can really appreciate the detail and the amount of effort that must have gone into making these.  Be on the lookout for his map of The Goonies adventure.

Also check out his book ‘Plotted’ mentioned in the above article

Alien Back To The Future GhostbustersGhostbusters CU Star Trek Original Star Trek Star Wars 2
swempiredetail The Princess Bride The ShiningSo is it any good?  Let us know what you thought of Andrew’s work in the comments section below.