As a parent I love being creative with my kids, especially using cardboard to create costumes, toys and of course forts.  Leon, Lilly & Orson (pictured below) have taken it to the next level with ‘Cardboard Box Office’ and it looks like they’re about to add a new cast member.- TitleIt all started when they accumulated spare boxes from moving countries and way too much baby product packaging.  When they found themselves spending more time at home they put their junk to good use, recreating scenes from movies using everyday household items.  If you like what you see you can go to their website here or vote for them at the Webby Awards here

Can you name all of the films, how do you add movies into your kid’s life? Let us know in the comments section below.diehard1

dark_knighttop_gunjurassic_world the_hateful_eight1 kingkong etedgrease1
mad_max1 goldfinger thematrix2 the_force_awakens1 labyrinth the_shawshank_redemption jurassicpark theaddamsfamily jaws3 theshining1 the_grand_budapest_hotel thetoddlerfather speed1 theneverendinglaundry thebirds future apollo133 elf dumbanddumber the_revenant2 pulpfiction_ngc napoleon_dynamite castaway1 willywonka1 pirates sixteencandles thebiglebowski_ngc batman zoolander1 terminator templeofdoom1 lotr lifeaquatic1 (1) thething alien1 return_of_the_jedi forrestgump_ngc fastestindian1 homealone goodbadugly1 breakfastclub1 the_martian madmax freewilly starwars1 fear_and_loathing_in_las_vegas a_christmas_storythe_sandlot1 goonies honeyishrunkthekids waynesworld_ngc backtothefutureii3 weekendatbernies beetlejuice