Business Cards for Out of Work Movie Charcters – Art Of Movies

What if film characters actually did give up their day jobs? Change the Perspective is an illustration series by Italian design duo Invasione Creativa, otherwise known as Edoardo Santamato and Benedetto Papi. Not only have they come up with a great concept but the artwork and clever captioning really make this collection worth your time.

Here’s why they did it:

“We wanted to promote our creative agency and our brand-skills. We realize logos and brand image, but it’s hard to properly promote these two specific attitudes.” – Invasione Creativa

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and don’t worry, they already know about the typo of Lebowski and Deckar. Can you think of any more… ‘Andy Dufresne – Excavation’ or ‘McFly – Family Therapy’.seven pop-culture-business-card-19 pop-culture-business-card-18 pop-culture-business-card-17 pop-culture-business-card-16pop-culture-business-card-15pop-culture-business-card-14pop-culture-business-card-10Pop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Darko-RosemaryPop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Hal-9000Pop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Darko-Snow-WhitePop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-WallacePop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Fabulous-AmeliePop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Darko-Jack-TaylorPop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-District-9Pop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Fantastic-FourPop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Clockwork-OrangePop-Culture-Icon-Business-Cards-Total-Recall209The images below aren’t the highest resolution, but they’re the best I could find: