Marvel Vs DC: Same Same but Different – Art of Movies

If you’re a fan of comics or the movies they’re based on than you’ll have no doubt noticed some of the similarities between Marvel and DC characters. Artist Mustafa Raza decided to literally put the two side by side in his awesome ‘Mirror Wars’ Collection. I knew there were a few similarities across both Universes but I didn’t realise just how many there really were, although it looks like no one compares to Spider-Man as he’s been left out of the collection.  With almost every comic book movie franchise needing to go war or Vs each other, who’s to say that a DC Vs Marvel crossover could never happen?  No matter whether you’re Team DC or Team Marvel, you have to admit it would be pretty cool to see them take each other on. Until then,  enjoy the collection below and let us know what you think.Print7991e936239161.5734cec3d034d7652db36239161.5734a7fbf0430666a0a36239161.5715088769ab2380f2136239161.571be14e26b4b77e11036239161.571508876750058c83436239161.5734a7da2a96a c5e54136239161.5715088765726 bc4fe436239161.5734a84fc8db467459836239161.5715088766c35ec99a936239161.573c8fcf2dc8ae92f6f36239161.574b12c4db30be29b3e36239161.57150887687079aefae36239161.5734a87893f3c8ddbdf36239161.57373981acdf07ee8b736239161.574b12c4db9a407c56c36239161.5738e9659c1e01bcdf636239161.5738e7c7c19140b43bb36239161.574b12c4dabbb