Ever wanted to see your favourite icons unmasked?  Well Alex Solis has created a collection of what he thinks is lurking under the hood of some of pop cultures most recognisable charcters.icons-unmaskedAlex asks the question “Is everything original or just a remix of something else?” Not only has he made some really funny observations, he’s also managed to capture the likeness of each icon perfectly.  I think this collection of over 100 characters is great, it helps shine a light on some of the similarities we see in pop culture everyday without taking the piss too much.  Have you drawn any of the same conclusions yourself or do you disagree?  Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  I’ve included a few of my favourites and links to his sites, keep an eye out for Donald Trump.

Alex Solis Icons Unmasked

Alex Solis Kickstartericons-unmasked

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