‘Aquaman’ Will Be Set After ‘Justice League’

Umm… duh! I hear you saying right now. The news that the Aquaman movie will be set after the events of Justice League is a little obvious, isn’t it? After all, the movie does come out after Justice League, so it would make sense right?

Not so fast naysayers! Any comic fan worth their salt knows that superhero timelines are an almost impossible thing to keep track of, much like the plot to Twin Peaks, or whatever is happening with Donald Trump these days. So it is indeed newsworthy to say that Aquaman will not only follow what happens in League but apparently also reference said events.Cinemablend spoke to the film’s producer Charles Roven, who said this about the James Wan directed movie:

Aquaman will make reference [to Justice League]. There will be some reference of something that preceded Aquaman that will be in Aquaman. I believe that is the intention. James [Wan] definitely knows where he’s going with [Aquaman], and that movie takes place in a world where Justice League happened, and Man of Steel happened, and Wonder Woman obviously takes place before Man of Steel – except for the bookends we have.
So that’s where we have the most ability to freeform. We could do a movie that takes place after Justice League, we can do a movie that takes place after Batman v Superman… well not really. You can’t do a movie in between Batman v Superman and Justice League, but we can do movies that take place after Justice League and we can do movies that precede Justice League.

Got all that? As Roven points out, Wonder Woman is set primarily during WWI, but does include bookends that link it to the events of Dawn Of Justice and presumably Justice League. They’re trying desperately to connect the strands of their Universe the way Marvel has successfully managed to.

While it may seem a little silly to discuss timelines and events that haven’t happened yet, any info that makes it easier to navigate the somewhat murky DC Extended Universe is alright by me!

AQUAMAN, starring Jason Momoa, is in production now for a December 20, 2018 release. JUSTICE LEAGUE will hit our screens first though, on November 16, 2017.