Walt Disney Pictures has just dropped the first look trailer to the sequel no one asked for Alice Through The Looking Glass

The whole gang is back minus the man behind the camera Tim Burton, this time being replaced by James Bobin (The Muppets) in this sequel of a sequel of an original Disney classic Alice in Wonderland (Yes I know it’s a book, but its clear that Tim Burton was inspired from the animated movie). You might have noticed that I couldn’t care less about this movie, and you’d be right. The original was just a canvas for Tim Burton to show off, other then the pretty colours and weird characters it was the biggest borefest of the decade. Disney is clearly making this for the dollar bills and you can’t blame them, some how the original was the second highest grossing film of that year and today still sits at number 21 of the highest grossing films ever made…

This is why we can’t have nice things.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS opens in Australia in May, 2016